National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day

How do you celebrate The Sweetest Day of the year?

Here at No Chewing Allowed®, we honor our delectable chocolate truffles in the same manner we do every day—by not chewing them! There is nothing quite like the sensation of a velvety truffle slowly melting on the tongue; infusing your taste buds with the exquisite delight that only a truffle from No Chewing Allowed® can provide.

Doesn’t it make you want to Share?

While many of our customers prefer to keep our scrumptious confections for themselves, some actually share a bit of bonbon bliss with friends and family. On a special day such as this, what could make a more perfect gift than a tin of No Chewing Allowed® Truffles? Remember: Chocolate is like love—it’s always sweeter when it’s shared!

The holidays are just around the corner. Put your No Chewing Allowed® Truffle order in early and make someone’s holiday perfectly sweet!

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