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Just Let It Melt In Your Mouth...

Our Flavors

Classic/Original Truffle

Worldly Famous and Most Popular

Hazelnut Truffle

with Caramelized Hazelnut Pieces

Salted Toffee Truffle

with Salted Butter Caramel Crystals

Pistachio Macaron Truffle

Where Macaron and Truffles meet...

Raspberry Truffle

with Delicious Raspberry Nuggets

Coffee Beans Truffle

Enjoy the Coffee Beans Nibbles inside.

Candied Orange Peels

With Zesty Candied Orange Peels

Why No Chewing..?

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In order to truly enjoy these truffles, make sure your palate is clear, then begin your experience. Thereafter, you will find that these truffles are quite simply orgasmic!

Sonia Ambarsom

I love truffles. These are the best truffles I have ever eaten.
They fill your entire mouth with velvety chocolate flavor.
I am spoiled for all other truffles.

Patty Beja

We got a large order of the gift boxes as a small New Years welcome for our office, and they were a hit! Our team members have been raving about them all week. The chocolate truffles are absolutely delicious, truly melt-in-your-mouth smooth, and they certainly won’t last long.


I’ll be extremely honest, I’ve eaten many chocolates throughout my life but this is honestly the best chocolate I have tasted because there’s like a bitter at first but then there is an explosion of creaminess and richness and I’m am very glad I have purchased this and will soon buy this truffle again.

Andy Mai

The most amazing truffle I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a lot). Nothing better than these with a glass of wine!

Ambrosia harwood

I was referred to ‘no chewing allowed’ by a friend but didn’t feel traveling in the NYC cold to go into a store, therefore I ordered the assortment pack to sample the truffles. So glad I did. My favs: I love love love the salted toffee, hazelnut a close second.

Mishkia Lewis

My wife is addicted to your truffles and will accept no substitutes. Help keep the divorce rate down by providing a clue as to when they will be available on line.
Please keep me on your mailing list. It’s cold sleeping in the car


I received a box for Christmas and fell in love and can’t wait to get some for myself and to give as gifts. Thanks much

J Pickhardt

I just received my shipment of assorted truffles and all I can say about the Raspberry and Pistachio Macaron truffles is YUM !!!! If you haven’t tried these two flavors, you better hurry up and do it, before I buy them all. LOL. That’s how good the Pistachio Macaron is.

Janet Lee