Chocolate was


Chocolate was..

(1)   In the beginning, chocolate was exclusively a drink for the very rich, priests and warriors.  The Mayans, Aztecs and European conquerors were enamored with this magical tonic that made them feel healthy, awake and strong.

(2)   In 1529, Hermes Cortes the Spanish explorer discovered hot cocoa– an amazing drink imbibed exclusively by priests and warriors in Aztec society.  He wrote King Carlos I of Spain that he had found a “drink that builds up resistance and fights fatigue.”

(3)   In the early 1800s, a certain Dr. Hughes in England advised pregnant women to drink cocoa. “Chocolate is the most excellent drink that is yet found. It is good alone to make up a breakfast, needing no other food, is beneficial to the body, and may be drunk by people of all ages, and is very good for women with child, since it nourishes the embryo, and prevents fainting fits.”

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